Selfleadership Compact in English reactions

Reactions from participants of the Self-Leadership Compact program in English:


-“The perfect way to get to know and improve yourself better.”

- “If you have been working for a few years and notice a pattern of less and less job satisfaction, then this is something for you. It helps you set priorities by assessing what is important to you on a deeper level.”

-“The Self-Leadership Compact program is your opportunity to spend time on your self-development, which is often overlooked or sometimes even obscured by the series of tasks that come your way in daily life.”

-“If you feel that work dictates you instead of the other way around, that you have lost control, then the Self-Leadership Compact program is the perfect way to take back control and discover what your career can have in store for you .”

-“I gained much better insight into my own qualities, pitfalls, obstacles, values ​​and motivations.”

-“Thanks to my participation in this program, I can now set goals much better, increase my visibility, and create impact”.

-“The self-reflection created and the structure applied to achieve goals are now in line with my ambition.”

-“Strengths within the Self-Leadership program are gaining insight into why and how you communicate and

how you can coordinate this better so that you can work more effectively. That helped me a lot”

-“Because I now know better what my priorities are, I can now define my work better, make better choices, delegate, communicate more clearly and have smarter/more thoughtful conversations ( both internal/external).”

-“I have been given tools to continuously develop, especially during very busy periods.”

-“The Self-Leadership Compact program is a nice balance between a few intensive sessions

reminders/motivators in the form of buddy/coach meetings. Strongly recommended".




“Excellent trainers, skilled and involved.”