Selfleadership Compact in English

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Principles of Self-Leadership Compact development program

Self-leadership is about direction, influence and personal responsibility. The themes; “personal development”, “self-management” and “excellent (self) leadership” are areas of focus during this program. The program is tailored to organizations that are moving and that focus on the future and that give people the opportunity to (further) develop themselves.

The main approach of the self-leadership compact program is:

• Personal care and attention for Individual development by working in small groups, max. 4 people.

• Collaborate intensively with each other, expand your network and build lasting professional relationships.

• Use of a method to translate intentions into actual new behaviour in practice.

• The participant is supported by a mentor/coach/manager from their own organization during this program to ensure the connection to work practice.


Personal development and (self)leadership

Within organizations, people want to pay more attention to professionals who want to develop themselves. Gaining better insight into how employees can deal effectively with their qualities, pitfalls and limiting believes is also a point of attention. It requires investment in personal development and organizational awareness. This involves looking at personal growth opportunities and being able to respond to the latest developments in the field of collaboration, teamwork and being able to add value to your own organization.

The Self-Leadership Compact program supports excellent, informal and formal (self-)leadership. The participants are therefore better equipped to use more leadership aspects such as; process-oriented, people-oriented, team-oriented and organization-oriented (self) leadership. These competencies are necessary to be able to respond and adapt in a rapidly changing environment.



An important starting point of (self) leadership competencies are “self-management of results based on vision, trust and connection”. During the Self-Leadership Compact program, participants implement this principle.

Connecting is a key concept; connection with one's own qualities and development points, connecting people, processes and technology, connection with the content and connection between different groups, teams and departments and connection throughout the program with a buddy to continue to challenge and inspire each other.

Within Self-Leadership Compact, personal and essential insights are linked to actions and results.    Fundamental deepening is translated by the participant into application in their own context/practice.








Touché Training & Advies


“From thinking to doing”. When people understand what needs to be done, this does not necessarily mean that they will do it. The translation of theory into practice is achieved by actually putting what is learned into action. That is why this practical element is always present in Touché's working method. All Touché programs create this transition from 'thinking to doing', learning by doing. Touché creates a safe personal learning environment. Our sessions are dynamic, inspiring and action-oriented.

Touché Training & Advies has collaborated with TNO for many years regarding talent development and personal coaching and has now provided training programs for several years for, among others, the research institute Deltares, Ortec, Iv-Groep and Technip Energies in the field of talent development, (self) leadership and coaching.


Structure of the Self-leadership Compact development program


The development program consists of

  • Introductory meeting
  • 360 feedback environment survey, personal feedback on the survey results
  • Module1 and Module 2
  • Transfer FOR coaching, coaching from the organization throughout the entire process
  • Buddy FOR coaching throughout the entire process
  • Individual coaching by Touché
  • Detaching and attaching closure session



Result after this training:


• You’ve gained insight into your own qualities/pitfalls

• Recognize your personal obstacles and learn to remove them

• You have insight into your impact and added value within your own organization

• Are you actively working on your own career and have you made choices about it

• You have insight into your own motivations and ambition

• Do you know what you can and want, determined your direction and have set your goals

• You have more options to take (back) and maintain control

• You can increase your efficiency and effectiveness

• You will have worked with a personal (development) plan to translate your learning needs and ambition into

practical actions


For whom:

Professionals at HBO / WO level (academic) who want to develop and have, for example, the following (learning) questions:

How do I fully use my talents

How am I going to figure out which direction I want to go in

How can I increase my visibility

How can I have more control over the issues of the day

How can I have more influence on the direction I want to go (ambition/career)

How do I improve my work-life balance

How do I develop competencies/skills such as leadership/delegating/taking initiative, etc.

How do I develop self-confidence

How do I use my personal style effectively

How can I increase my impact

How can I gain and keep control and direction



The Self-Leadership Compact program starts with 2, 3 or 4 participants. This group size makes it possible to work as personally as possible and to optimally meet the individual learning needs of each participant.

Group composition: participants can come from the same organization and/or the group can be composed of different organizations.

The program can be provided in English if desired.

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Selfleadership Compact in English reactions

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Reactions from participants of the Self-Leadership Compact program in English:


-“The perfect way to get to know and improve yourself better.”

- “If you have been working for a few years and notice a pattern of less and less job satisfaction, then this is something for you. It helps you set priorities by assessing what is important to you on a deeper level.”

-“The Self-Leadership Compact program is your opportunity to spend time on your self-development, which is often overlooked or sometimes even obscured by the series of tasks that come your way in daily life.”

-“If you feel that work dictates you instead of the other way around, that you have lost control, then the Self-Leadership Compact program is the perfect way to take back control and discover what your career can have in store for you .”

-“I gained much better insight into my own qualities, pitfalls, obstacles, values ​​and motivations.”

-“Thanks to my participation in this program, I can now set goals much better, increase my visibility, and create impact”.

-“The self-reflection created and the structure applied to achieve goals are now in line with my ambition.”

-“Strengths within the Self-Leadership program are gaining insight into why and how you communicate and

how you can coordinate this better so that you can work more effectively. That helped me a lot”

-“Because I now know better what my priorities are, I can now define my work better, make better choices, delegate, communicate more clearly and have smarter/more thoughtful conversations ( both internal/external).”

-“I have been given tools to continuously develop, especially during very busy periods.”

-“The Self-Leadership Compact program is a nice balance between a few intensive sessions

reminders/motivators in the form of buddy/coach meetings. Strongly recommended".